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             "NECESSARY" TAX DEDUCTIONS:                     [next]

        What is "necessary" to the High Court of Australia on Tax Deductions.
                                                    (within the Australian Federal Constitution?)

         A High Court of Australia case summation extract: ".... within the limits of reasonable human conduct, the man who is carrying on the business must be the judge of what is "necessary"."

           NB. "the man who is carrying on the business must be the judge"

       HIGH COST:
       The use of an accountant, solicitor (or the wise man holding up the bar in your favourite pub) to gain an opinion on "necessary" is not binding on the Australian Tax Office - nor on you. The wise man, on the other hand might only cost you a beer and he may not be so demanding or pontifical.

         FREE at the ATO
         The correct approach (on any question in tax matters of a questionable nature or not answered in the ATO TaxPack or the Tax Bible is to obtain a free (almost) Private Ruling from the ATO which is, more or less, binding. --- see Tax Commissioner's Personal Guarantee.

         Most people agree that the Motorists' RTA Handbook is essential reading to be able to drive and navigate a vehicle on the road - besides quality time with a qualified and dedicated instructor.
         A Partnership is a Tax Planning Vehicle and the Handbook for Drivers and Navigators is called the "Australian Master Tax Guiide" 

        Qualified Tax Planning Instructors (TPI) with Dip T. Ed. and DEET Certification provide instruction. Most have TPI Salestax Exemption Certifications, Fuel Rebate Capability and are successful Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retail Business Owners.


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