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    Queensland Railway Croquet Safari

             (Tax Deductible with onboard TaxPlanning/Croquet Seminar - aprox 4 hours/day)

Day 1: Tuesday:                        (allow 30 minutes prior to leaving times to book luggage etc.)

8.25am:   Leave Roma St. Rail Station for Townsville on the "Sunlander" - sleeper berths available.


10.30am:   Leave Roma St. Rail Station for Rockhampton on the "Tilt Train" arriving at 5.30pm.                  Transfer to "Sunlander" at 7.30pm for Townsville.

Day 2: Wednesday: 1341 Km Completed

8.20am:   Arrive Townsville: Sight-seeing or play Croquet at Townsville Croquet Club.

6.0pm:    Leave Townsville for Mt Isa on the "Inlander" - sleeper available.

Day 3: Thursday: 977 Just done /2318 Km Completed

2-25pm:  Arrive at Mt Isa. Play Croquet in the Park or Sight-seeing. Stay overnight at the "****" Hotel.

Day 4: Friday:

9.0am:   Sight-seeing or Croquet in the Park with locals.

6.0pm:   Leave Mt Isa for Townsville on the "Inlander"   (sleepers available)

Day 5: Saturday: 977/3295 Km

1.10pm:  Arrive Townsville: Sightseeing or Play Croquet at Townsville Croquet Club. Stay at "****"                 Hotel

Day 6: Sunday: 340/3635 Km

8.50am   Leave Townsville for Cairns on the "Sunlander"

4.20pm  Arrive Cairns (stay at Station or Grande Hotel or other - 2 nights). Al fresco Dinning on - and                Sightseeing - the Esplanade until Midnight.

Day 7: Monday:

9.0pm:   Play Croquet at Cairns Croquet Club (Hollaway Beach) by appointment and/or.

8.30am - 9.30am - 2pm - 3.30pm: sightseeing on the Kuranda Scenic Rail.

2.0pm - 3.30pm return from Kuranda Scenic Rail (1hour 30minutes journey each way)

Day 8: Tuesday: 717/4352 Km

8.0am:    Leave Cairns for Mackay on the "Queenslander"

10.0pm:  Arrive Mackay. Stay at "*****" Hotel for two nights.

Day 9: Wednesday:

9.0am:  Play Croquet at Mackay Croquet Club (Club day - all day?)

1.0pm:  Sightseeing around Mackay.

Day 10: Thursday:

9.0am: Play Croquet at Mackay Croquet Club or Sight seeing.

10.30pm:  Leave Mackay for Rockhampton on the "Sunlander"

Day 11: Friday: 325/4677 Km

4.30am:   Arrive Rockhampton: stay at "Criterion" Hotel for the biggest steaks in the Capricorn

9.0am:    Sightseeing down to Yeppoon or Play Croquet at Rockhampton Croquet Club.

Day 12: Saturday: 686/5363 Km

5.20am:   Leave Rockhampton for Longreach on the "Spirit of the Outback"

6.55pm:  Arrive Longreach - stay at "Commercial" Hotel - stay overnight (or for five extra days to see all the good bits at Winton and Ilfracombe besides the "Hall of Fame" etc at Longreach)

Day 13: Sunday:

7.0am:  Leave Longreach for Brisbane or off to Winton - in which case leave Longreach on Thursday.

Day 14: Monday: 1325/6700 Km completed.

6.30am    Arrive Roma St. Brisbane. Go home! Repeat next year.

     This is the "Spirit of the Outback" climbing over the barrier to the Outback from the Eastern Seaboard. If you have to get out to help push, the Club Bar is the ninth carriage from the back for the free reviver. Make sure you're back aboard before the "Spirit" goes over and down hill.

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    Safari Dates: Leaves Brisbane 2nd Tuesday of each Month of March to October incl.

    Safari Guide Charge: $100 each per person - payable to Gold Coast Croquet Centre upon booking. As there is provision for discounts for Group Travel/Accommodation this will be used to defray the individual Guide Charge.

    Bookings: TravelTrain bookings should be made at least "****" days before departure.

                Costs Involved:

    Total Cost of Train Travel for the 7,000Km Economy Class is $608:

    Sleepers where provided $60 per person per night.

    Meals extra: however, on the Tilt Train to Rockhampton a Lunch is provided for Business Class

    Queensland DVA / TPIs - Free First Class (Business Class)

    Queensland Pensioners (two free) Vouchers ($5 booking fee each way)

    Other Concessional fares apply e.g. 25% discount for Interstate Pensioners, Seniors and Overseas Pensioners. See also Students with Ids etc. Make sure you check this at your local Rail Travel Agent..

    Dinning Car Meals on Trains are about $10 each - Breakfast - Lunch and Dinner.

    Club Car Refreshments including Tea/coffee, Softdrinks, Beer, Wine and Top Shelf drinks are available together with sangers and other stuff to numerous to mention.

    For those who are not Government subsidised the Federal Government will allow a tax deduction for those who attend upon the Seminar for Sponsorships.

    The TaxPlanning/Croquet Seminar, including all text books, costs $500 and is Tax Deductible together with all related Travel, Meals and Accommodation expenses and includes the Safari Guide charge.

   Don't forget to bring your camera!

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        Accommodation at one’s own expense, has been arranged at local "old fashioned" Hotels at about $25/person/night single and usually less than double for twin share. However, some might prefer more fashionable Hotel accommodation, Motels, YHA, Backpackers or sleeping in the park.

        All meals extra.

Croquet mallets are for sale from $100 each. Our website has all you need to know about Croquet.

Croquet Club Lawn fees are about $4 per day each. (All prices can change without notice)

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Ph 07 5536 4855

more info -    www.goldcoastcroquet.com.au  

Email:   info@goldcoastcroquet.com.au

                    The Gold Coast TaxPlanning/Croquet Seminars:
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