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       The International Croquet "MacRobertson Shield"      

NB. The Rules of Engagement in graphic form are being transfered and will be available when you have got to the end of all this stuff. There are 6 pages, so take your time.     Ed.

        In 1925, Croquet Teams from Australia and England met for the first time in International Competition. They played for a Trophy sponsored by the Australian millionaire and philanthropist Croquet player Sir MacPherson Robertson.   (his mini-biography is inspirational so click here - but come on back)

          The Perpetual Trophy carried the name of the famous Australian Chocolate and Confectionery Empire, MacRobertson, and now known as "The MacRobertson Shield".

         Then the Kiwis:
        In 1927 New Zealand joined in the Competition and the MacRobertson Shield become the most important International Croquet Tournament or Series - similar to the Davis Cup for tennis or Americas Cup for yachting.

          The Series:
        The Series is held about every four years since then and is hosted by the Countries in turn.

          The Yanks:
       As Australia had recently taken the Americas Cup from the Yanks in Yachting in the 1993 series it seemed of National importance for them to compete and take home "The MacRobertson Shield" for Croquet. Thus the Shield is now a four cornered Tournament.

      Like all sports with the high cost of competing - which has always been a problem with National Croquet Team selection - the US of A. will spend as much money as possible to ensure their team wins.
Croquet in the US of A is an upmarket sport with paid Coaches at their Luxury, Croquet Resorts.

        Sponsorships are plentiful for the USA Croquet players and Australia will have to match them to ensure our National Team has the time, quality venues, coaching and motivation to compete at this highly competitive level.

        Australia has not won the Australian MacRobertson Shield since 1935, even though Australia has the most Croquet players in the world. Much of this has been caused by the extremes of distance in Australia for competition level play. England has won the majority of tournaments while New Zealand have produced some notable players and won it's share of the Shield. The US of A is yet to win.

        School Recruitment:
       Most of the best Croquet players in the world were introduced into Croquet at school level. Australia has been asked to compete at this level in Junior International Competition - particularly by New Zealand. The 1999 World Champion is 17 year old Jaques Fournier of Phoenix, Arizona USA

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         Gold Coast Tournaments:
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        MacRobertson Shield Results:

    Year        Held in                                           Result             Winner
   1925   England   England 3:   Australia 0:   England
   1927   Australia   Australia 1:  England 1:  1 Match tied:   Australia (on Games)
   1930   Australia   Australia 3:  New Zealand 0:   Australia
   1935   Australia   Australia 4/2 tied: England 3/2 tied: New Zealand 0:   Australia
   1937   England   England 5: Australia 0:   England
   1950   New Zealand   New Zealand 2: England 1:   New Zealand
   1956   England   England 5: New Zealand 0:   England
   1963   New Zealand   England 6: Australia 2: New Zealand 1:   England
   1969   Australia   England 6: New Zealand 3: Australia 0:   England
   1974   England   Great Britain 6: New Zealand 2: Australia 1:   England
   1979   New Zealand   New Zealand 6: Great Britain 3: Australia 0:   New Zealand
   1982   Australia   England 5: New Zealand 4: Australia 0:   England
   1986   England   England ? New Zealand ? Australia   New Zealand
   1990   New Zealand   Great Britian & Ireland ? New Zealand ? Australia ?   Great Britain & Ireland
   1993   Australia   GB & I ?, New Zealand  ?, Australia ? , USA ?   GB & I
   1996   England   GB & I ?, New Zealand  ?, Australia ? , USA ?   GB & I
   2000   New Zealand   GB & I ?, New Zealand  ?, Australia ? , USA ?    ?????

Does anyone have the results from 1986 onwards? Please make comment:

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                 (4)        The Australian Team must always, in future, include Bernard J. Gleeson as a team member.

                        Thats all Folks!