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  1. A Mission Statement and Executive Summary.
  2. Accommodation on the Gold Coast for Sportspersons.
  3. Banks - How to Use them for Family Business and Sport Sponsorship
  4. Business Owner's Operation for Sponsored Sportspersons.
  5. Business Psychology Index to Check your Business/Croquet Capability.
  6. Comment about our Gold Coast Croquet Website Directories.
  7. Communications Centre - for unsent Email "Attachments" etc.
  8. Croquet on the Gold Coast: Coaching, Competing and Sponsoring.
  9. Donations & Grants for Sportspersons and Sports Clubs.
  10. Economics: Small Business Sport Sponsorship Study
  11. Ethics and Morality in Sport and Small Family Business.
  12. Flag Lieutenant Flags and Flagpoles - Major Sport Sponsor.
  13. Gold Coast Sports - Contacts and Coaches.
  14. Health for Sportspersons.
  15. INDEX - Main - the Full Monty!
  16. Investment for Sportspersons/Retirees on the Gold Coast.
  17. Jokes to Share at the next Club Bash.
  18. K-Vet on the Net (News Letter of the UN/Korean War Memorial CC)
  19. Law for Sportspersons and Small Family Business.
  20. Money for Sportspersons and Small Family Business.
  21. News in General for Sportspersons and Small Family Business.
  22. Overseas Tours and Sponsored Competitions.
  23. Politicians - As Service Providers like Sportspersons.
  24. Psychology for Sportspersons and Small Family Business.
  25. Questions?   K-Vets have the Freedom of Choice to research anything/anywhere.
  26. Seminars for TaxPlanning Sportspersons and Small Family Business.
  27. Sponsors for Sportspersons and Small Family Business.
  28. TaxPlanning for Sportspersons and Small Family Business.
  29. Travel to and on the Gold Coast.
  30. United Nations and the "Freedom of Choice"
  31. Vampire - How to Rob a Bank - and other Goodies.
  32. Wonderful, Weird World of www

        Sir MacPherson Robertson   

       A short Biography of the Patron Saint of Australian Business Entrepreneurs, Advertising,  
         Product Promotion, Sponsorships, TaxPlanners, Aviation and Croquet Players, auctioneers license Gold Coast. 
         Initial Patron of the International Croquet Series "MacRobertson Shield" 1925 -  

       "Time spent in Reconnaissance is Seldom Wasted"  
                                                                                         Sir MacPherson "Mac" Robertson  1860 - 1945 

                  The Gold Coast TaxPlanning/Croquet Seminars:        


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